We have been fairly tardy within posting a response as I have been meaning to do this since early This summer.

We simply wanted to offer our findings of employing PSS. From start to finish we’re able to not have been any happier with the PSS guys in the office, Mark ended up being our move boss and he was always helpful and gave us some good advice regarding our husbands military kitchen knives that he wanted to consider with him.

We’ve got moved many times in the UK with the military but so far this was the best and less stressful. The boys that came to clean up our house were just as friendly and worked well incredibly hard on equally days. The only damaging was that they by accident packed some baby clothes that we lent from my husbands Sergeant, lucky they recognized and weren’t way too worried about it. With that said PSS and New Zealand Truck Lines have consented to send these items back to the UK via airfreight free, so I can’t truly grumble too much.

All of us took safe shipping of our consignment a couple weeks ago,everything arrived at good condition – zero breakages! The process at this end was really straightforward too, together with helpful people in each countries.

So we are incredibly pleased with everything along with thankful that this potentially frightening process was made very straight forward and will not thank PSS enough. We’ve recommended them currently to others and would certainly so gladly to anyone else.

A job done well